Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Myterious facts and legends of Haunted New Orelans

Marie Laveau's tomb

Marie Laveau

Devoted followers are still mystified and leave offerings at her tomb! The New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen practiced and embraced the forbidden culture until she died in 1881.

VOODOO was practiced by the slaves and the free blacks in New Orleans during the rein of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. She could lure followers to do deeds or commit crimes. Tales of terror and wonder are connected to her.

Did she hold a supernatural power? Was it the concoctions of drugs that made Voodoo a reckoning force?
Women and men sought the trinkets and gris-gris potions that could bring changes, love, and even revenge. Death could be held in check by the use of "zombie" drugs. Voodoo is powerful. It is still practiced in the Caribbean islands, the south and in New Orleans.

Even though entombed, Marie and her daughter still reign over the shadowy world of New Orleans Voodoo. Markings and crosses have been drawn on their tombs. Offering of coins, herbs, bones, flowers and an assortment of tokens are left…for good luck and blessings of the Voodoo Queen.

Is Marie's former home at 1020 St. Ann Street haunted ? Claims have been made of sightings of the ghostly spirit of Marie.
Her spirit is much a part of New Orleans today!

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