Tuesday, September 30, 2008


East Sussex County
The county of East Sussex borders the English Channel. A medieval fortress, abbey and castles are situated near and along the restless coastal waters.

In 1264 King Henry III sparked the Barons’ War. He was captured during the battle at Lewes Castle by the Barons, who were led by his brother-in-law Simon de Montfort.

After the death of Edward the Confessor, William, 7th Duke of Normandy, fought two other self appointed Kings in order to at last rule England. One of the riches religious foundations in England, Battle Abbey, was constructed by monks to commemorate the soldiers who died in battle on that land. Henry VIII later gave the abbey and some surrounding land to Sir Browne.

The ruin of Pevensey Castle is the remains of a medieval fortress built for defense purposes. Later during Napoleon’s reign, the castle had been remodeled and reconstructed to use once again for defense. Napoleon never invaded Britain.

The much criticized Brighton Pavilion originally began as a modest villa built for George III's oldest son. In 1811 when the Prince became Regent he commissioned John Nash to turn it into an oriental show place. Two years after he became King George IV, the exotic building was completed in 1822. The residence became the scene of lavish parties. The ton enjoyed entertainment in the elaborate Banqueting Hall. http://www.royalpavilion.org.uk/palace/the_palace.asp

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